My who, what and why…

“When we cultivate greater awareness in our life, we create a space for wiser and calmer decisions” Tosh (quoted in Spears 500)


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“We all have to do the things we don’t want to do, to get to where we want to go” Anon

Determined is what I have always been, determination is something I needed in my divorce. Everyone expected the norm – a fight, this time there was going to be no fight. I decided to have a kind divorce, no matter what.

I believe your divorce doesn’t need to define the rest of your life and that you always have a choice about your thoughts, words and actions – divorce or not.

Simply your divorce is about you and not your Ex. Since I wanted a future life of love, hope and joy rather than bitterness, anger and emotional baggage I took a leap of faith.

Along the way this happened…

  • A became a thought changer and expert by combining mindfulness, divorce and conflict
  • I started speaking at events, online divorce, children’s and business summits 
  • I was featured on national TV and radio
  • My podcast got to #41 US and #16 UK Relationship charts
  • Co-authored – #1 Best Seller Mindfulness for Challenging Times (2020)
  • Helped lots of good people from around the world with my online coaching and courses

I realised that by changing my mind, I could change my life. Since 2012 I have been walking and talking mindfulness, consciousness and teaching 1000s of others about the growing benefits of awareness.

I am dedicated to guiding, mentoring and inspiring many people towards living a more conscious, aware and connected life. One full of unexpected joy, trust and opportunities to help and support others do the same. 

If you are interested in taking yourself and your life to the next level of conscious living please get in touch for a chat.

Described as a “remarkable person” with “her calm disposition and wealth of experience” Tosh has this ability to ‘open’ eyes to see fresh perspectives. Her passion, mischievous nature plus her powerful insights leave audiences and clients energised, ready to take ownership and armed with practical ways to confidently transform their own lives.


 My Journey

As a divorce life coach, mindfulness coach and Reiki master teacher I am passionate about supporting those going through separation and divorce have a kinder, less costly and more empowering experience. By looking and acting, speaking and thinking differently your divorce becomes about you and not your Ex.


  • For 2 years now I’ve had a big love for cold water sea swimming (never a wetsuit)
  • I spent my early 20s travelling the world pitching multi-million dollar contracts to royalty and heads of state – very little scares me now
  • I’ve volunteered as a mindfulness coach and therapist at the Fountain Centre, St Lukes Cancer Hospital in Surrey
  • I am a mindfulness consultant for several children’s books
  • For the most part, I’m a relaxed mother of 2 older teenagers
  • I live in a market town near the South Downs