Conscious Leadership

I coach businesses and individuals to develop a greater awareness, consciously reconnect better to their teams and manage the stress, pressure and demands of modern life.


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Conscious Leadership

Influences and creates a culture of trust and care, resilience and better life communication. It is the management of one’s ‘whole self’ and with a complete awareness in a leadership position.

It asks for authenticity, compassion and a focus on the “we” rather than the “me”.

Inspirational leaders want to go beyond reacting, they are looking to create outcomes from a higher level of conscious and mindful awareness.

We need technology in our work, but ultimately, we are human beings. The leader that is you, creates the climate for organizational success.

Are you ready?

Are you a competent, strategic and goal orientated leader and achiever, who wants to take your listening, focusing and awareness skills to the next level? To improve the quality of relationships, increase productivity and happiness in your organisation? 

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Conscious leadership is pure awareness and is cultivated with practice – Tosh Brittan

By focusing on your own conscious awareness first, you are then ready to make the difference in your organisation.


  • Are you a leader who understands that to best serve your organisation you need to use your whole self – the mind, body, breath, inner and deepest self working together?
  • Do you want to make more conscious choices, create boundaries and slow down enough to manage priorities? To take the time to really think and act with a greater awareness?
  • Do you react, interrupt and operate on the fight, flight or freeze mode personally and as a leader wish this was different?

The conscious awareness in the leader cultivates awareness and reconnection in the system – Tosh Brittan

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Conscious Leadership Coaching

The speed of transformation for individuals and organizations goes up dramatically when leaders are being coached one on one. I am an expert at applying conscious and mindful awareness techniques and practices to specific situations in your work and personal life.

I value 1 to 1 coaching so highly that I won’t go in an organization to work with a team until I’ve coached the leaders. It is from here that an organisation is truly dedicated to creating a conscious culture.


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