Mindfulness in the Workplace


I support businesses and their employees with mindfulness training to manage the stress, pressure and demands of the uncertainty of modern working life.



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Mindfulness in the Workplace

  • Have you ever walked into an office and forgotten the reason why you walked in?
  • Commuted to work, arrived at your destination remembering nothing about your journey?
  • Or grabbed lunch at your desk and a few moments later you noticed all there is left is an empty packet?

This is being ‘mindless’ or being on ‘automatic pilot’… the opposite to mindfulness…

“I’ve personally used the 1-1 mindfulness sessions offered by Tosh over the last 6 months and really felt the difference with my stress levels being reduced. Working for a global company, spending a lot of time travelling and building up significant levels of stress, I feel the difference from the sessions I have had, resetting my stress levels and feeling re-energised. ” – JW, CEO, London

1 hour Mindfulness Awareness Workshop

This is an introductory session to mindfulness, explaining what it is, how it helps reduce stress and ways to use it effectively in the workplace.

Via Zoom – 99 participants


Price: £250

2 hour Mindfulness in the Workplace Interactive Workshop

In this workshop we focus on developing present moment awareness, learning simple strategies to calm anxious, overwhelmed and busy minds and easy practices to incorporate mindfulness into the working day.

Up to 20 people via Zoom

Price: £500*  (includes workbook and meditation link)

*Day rate £900 – x2 workshops

Mindfulness and Resilience in the Workplace – 4 week course

Each course is designed to meet with your needs and incorporates mindfulness practices and strategies unique to your requirements. It includes tools to support attendees to manage stress and anxiety, grow resilience and lead a fulfilling life at work and home.

At the end of this course attendees will be able to: 

  • Manage multiple, conflicting demands more productively
  • Develop effective strategies for working with difficult people
  • Maintain peak productivity while looking after their well-being

Here are some of the benefits you can get from practicing mindfulness:

    • A clearer and calmer mind
    • Better memory and improved focus
    • Happiness and reduced loneliness
    • Less anxiety and lower anger levels
    • Kindness and being non-judgemental
    • Better immune function and less illness
    • Improved relationship with food
    • Ability to sleep better

This course addresses the issues faced by employees and businesses in the new modern day workplace and gives clear and simple guidance to support a more adoptive approach. It includes :

  • 6 hours of live online teaching
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Mindfulness for Workplace meditations

For a 10min mindfulness taster session  Click here

“I was feeling very vulnerable when I started the mindfulness course.   From the first moment Tosh introduced herself she was caring, sensitive, responsive and very professional.  Her facilitation of the Mindfulness course was seamless.  Each week she introduced different elements of mindfulness and provided an abundance of external information. Importantly, she encouraged everyone in the group to share their experience. I cannot recommend Tosh highly enough.  The course helped me learn how to manage my anxiety, learn how to live in the present and appreciate life as it is.  The experience boosted my confidence and lifted my spirits.  It was a positive, enriching experience that has enhanced my life generally.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Tosh!” – AS, Woking


1 hour monthly Mindfulness for Life meditation sessions with Q&A

These monthly sessions are designed to support the mindfulness practices learnt in the 4 week course. Practice and habit are the best support strategies for any new activity or skill and mindfulness is no different!

Included is a mindfulness guided meditation, different work/life theme each month with a Q&A to answer any questions or share.

Via Zoom – maximum 99

Price: £250 per session

(minimum booking of 6 sessions)

1-1 Mindfulness Coaching for Business

A personal 1-1 mindfulness coaching session that supports team leaders and managers to:

  • Manage multiple, conflicting demands more productively
  • Develop effective strategies for working with difficult people
  • Maintain peak productivity while looking after their well-being

And develop more mindful resilient leadership that is:

  • Mentally focused, clear & flexible
  • Self-aware & emotionally intelligent
  • Authentically aligned driven values
  • Compassionate team management
  • Having a personal wellbeing practice

This includes:

  • Tools and strategies
  • Implementation plan
  • Tailored meditation link and workbook

90 min session via Zoom

Price: £250

Each session includes a summary email, supportive tools and bespoke stress management audio link

“Tosh is a remarkable person. Her calm disposition and wealth of experience means you leave every session with renewed energy and a fresh perspective every time ready to face the world. She has opened my cynical eyes to a world beyond the daily grind where self-care is paramount! Thank you!!” – Nicola, Business Owner, Guildford