Mindfulness for Homeworking,

Stress Management & Resilience

For more information on my Mindfulness for Homeworking, Stress Management & Resilience Package for employees working remotely


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Mindfulness for Homeworking, Stress Management & Resilience

I am a trained mindfulness teacher and coach with over 15 years of experience practising and teaching mindfulness in person and online.

I have created a four-session package designed to support your employee’s mental well-being whether they are working remotely or in the workplace.

If your employees are facing challenges such as:

  • Challenged by lack of suitable space to work
  • Frustrated by working in a busy home with children being home schooled
  • Managing a high conflict stressed personal life
  • Lacking the self-motivation to organise themselves and be productive 

If you are looking to support your employees to manage their stress levels, ongoing productivity and commitment through the current climate this is how I can help you:

Conscious leadership is pure awareness and is cultivated with practice – Tosh Brittan

Mindfulness for Homeworking,

Stress Management & Resilience

Online Package

mindful4 online sessions designed and created to support employees to develop a fresh perspective on every day homeworking challenges.

By the end of the course they’ll have supportive toolkit to manage their own mental and emotional well-being whilst homeworking.

Includes strategies, tools and practices to:

  • Minimise and manage stress and anxiety
  • Increase resilience, focus and productivity
  • Develop a personal stress management action plan
  • Learn coping strategies to manage change and uncertainty

Course includes:

    • 6 hours of mindfulness video guidance
    • 75 page mindfulness notebook
    • 2.5 hours guided mindfulness meditations
    • Bonus pdfs

Each session is designed with homeworking in mind and with simple practices that can be easily be integrated into the new ‘working from home’ life to benefit each employee and to support those they love.

If you are an owner, or manager and would like extra guidance, support and tools to support you and your team through this time please take a look on the link below as to how I can help you.