In my Monday morning note the “Weekly Good” this week I wrote about ‘resistance’ and why we as a collective can make the changes needed to lessen the pain of these uncertain times.

So how do we embrace rather than resist and fear what is happening? Individuals, families and communities are all being called upon to live very differently. There seems to be no easy way out of this. Other than to stop resisting and begin embracing all the elements that are presented, it seems daily.

Together we are stronger and yet we are all being asked to isolate. We are living in the strangest of times where reconnection is everything, whether it is within our community, family and friends. Yet when we most need it, in these uncertain times, we are now being asked to be alone.

It is a different world this week. Notice the resistance to change, we humans have an inbuilt ‘resister’ if you like, we like the comfort of knowing and we like to control. We like to feel safe, certain and for many, this is essentially living a life on autopilot. So whether you are resistant to joining the craziness of the loo rolls and pasta panic buying, or not being caught up in the media fear storm, the fact remains that the world is in a place of great change.

This is an opportunity to be more responsible, open in approach and notice any resistance to change. How does the resistance feel, where do you feel resistance in your body – head, shoulders, stomach? How can you best help yourself? Deep breathing, yoga, meditation, reading, singing, dancing, cooking, gardening… to become more present, conscious of how you live your life and to have gratitude for what you do have. To grow and nurture the gifts that are free to us all at this time, such as spending time as a family or as a couple, being able to be out in nature and of course to appreciate your health. 

To be the best person through this and to help others, you need, as so often is the case, to put your oxygen mask on first. To be able to manage your emotional and mental wellbeing, stocking your cupboards, buying what you need rather than what the fear mind monkeys think you may need. Resist the temptation to carry on as ‘normal’ and take conscious steps to minimise the risk to others. Break the habits you usually have,  do your stuff differently in these uncertain times, notice how it feels, go outside more into your discomfort zone and develop resilience.  

Due to current global changes and increased homeworking, I have introduced a six-week staff motivation group mindfulness session package, a remote working leadership package and 1-1 sessions all online via Zoom or Skype. The training delivered is designed to support and improve mental, physical and emotional resilience through these uncertain times. These all focus on integrating simple and effective well-being practices and strategies to increase productivity and reduce sickness absence, develop compassionate leadership and resilience in the workplace or in social isolation. Choosing to work with the situation is what you can control. Be present and open to making small adjustments, around the way you do and see things, so they become less painful, simpler and workable. 

If you haven’t listened to this gift of connectedness, there are Italians singing through dark nights. (Sadly not due to the pasta sales in the UK). So do not resist reaching out to neighbours. If you haven’t organised yourself, I strongly suggest you do. This is what you can control to help you feel less stressed. Work on what you can do, without adding to the pressures of homeworking, children off school, money and job worries. 

I read somewhere that the birds have begun singing in China now there is less aviation pollution… that in itself is a gift. So to help yourself and those you love, try to begin living with more awareness and find the unexpected good stuff in the uncertainty. It’s noticing that unexpected smile or “good morning” from a stranger and returning the same. A loo roll swap for pasta with your neighbours, (or finding the elusive recipe that turns cauliflower into loo roll!!). Or appreciating the gift of wifi to connect us all in our social and physical isolation. Get more present each day, slow down and become more mindful. Help yourself and others through these days. 

See this time is an opportunity rather than a threat, change your thoughts and fears to find the positives – to live a quieter life, appreciate the lack of commute and do the stuff you’ve been meaning to do. To learn new skills or finish that online course, catch up with friends and enjoy the hunkering down. 

If you are finding this time difficult and need help managing working from home, adjusting as a family to the changes please get in touch. I have taught mindfulness to children and adults, those chronically ill and to businesses. Please send me an email and we can have a chat about what I offer in a family session that includes tools and practices to support you all through this time. Again over Zoom if you are social distancing or self-isolating. 

I have practised and coached mindfulness for over 15 years and worked with many adults and children using my signature programmes Mindfulness for Life and Mindfulness for Ninjas. I am passionate about integrating mindfulness into the workplace and home life of my clients to reduce stress, increase happiness and positivity. 

If you are interested please reach out with an email about how I can help and support you and those you love through this time.