• Letting go is the new holding on…. Why do we behave the same way again and again and expect everything to be different? Through my breakup what I learnt was this… the more I tried to control stuff happening, like how soon was I was going be able to move on, drop the grief, sadness and heartbreak the more it stayed with me. 
  • Where we focus our thoughts and direct our inner control freakery is where we are asking the energy to stay and that’s with us! Sometimes this is easier to see and sometimes we are in the thick of it and our levels of frustration and impatience are climbing the walls. And this lovely breakupers is when we need to let go of any expected outcome… throw it up in the air, don’t try to juggle whats up there and see what happens, what floats down in the natural Universal order. At some point you have to trust that stuff isn’t going to break because you let it go and it will find it’s own sweet way back to where it needs to be in the right way.
  • Life becomes harder and more painful when we try to control stuff. The fear monkeys come to play, we feel out of control and we just get more sad, angry, frustrated AND our breakups are not so harmonious.  We are told to ‘pick our battles’, actually maybe don’t pick them at all with a view to the more we don’t go looking for them the less the appear. It doesn’t mean to say that they don’t get sorted, a breakup happens with less anger, upset and pain for all concerned, and everyone feels better without the negativity.Have a great week X
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