1 to 1 Mindfulness Sessions


Living a mindful and reconnected life is a daily gift… to yourself and to others

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1 to 1 Mindfulness Sessions for Adults


to focus on an area of your life which is causing you stress, anxiety or is difficult. This may be at work, home or with a relationship that you need support with, strategies and tools to help you manage, change the situation or live with less stress around it 


you want to work through this challenge or block so you are able to live with more confidence, less stress and with tools to manage the thoughts, feelings and emotions that come with it


the session offers you a chance to explore, learn and integrate mindful practices, tools and meditations into your life.

The session is held face to face or over an online meeting link such as Zoom/Skype


“I came to Tosh for mindfulness coaching.  The combination of running my own company and a busy family life was taking its toll. Tosh helped me to get some perspective and clarity by some simple exercises”

NB, Guildford

1 to 1 Mindfulness Sessions

What you can expect

● You will be introduced to a range of simple, different mindfulness and self-care practices with meditations designed for you, to help you reduce life stress in the long term.
● You will receive a report following your session and a personalised meditation audio link. An accountability email for you will be sent out the following week with tips and practices to keep you engaged.


Adult fee – 90 minute session
in person/Zoom/Skype


+ Mindfulness and self-care tools and practices
+ Personalised meditation & pdf links
+ Accountability correspondence

Sessions for teens/children


“Firstly, I now feel your session with my Son has had an amazing impact. To be honest I didn’t think he was fully engaged in the session at the time. But kids never fail to amaze you and I think he totally took on your words and thoughts in his own time. I don’t recall the last time he mentioned the word anxious or nervous. His need to go to the toilet every 5 mins has dramatically changed. Nothing immediate, but slowly. Fantastic. I have recommended you to friends and the Well-being teacher at his school.”

AM, Surrey


is to focus on a specific area the child/teenager is having difficulties with or being challenged by and to find solutions for the child/teen to use to help them feel less worried. These sessions are an opportunity for parents to learn strategies and tools to support their child/teenager moving on


children and teenagers are naturally very mindful. Increasingly with the stresses of life, changing family dynamics and social media, children are becoming more anxious, less resilient and finding it hard to cope when life changes happen.

Mindfulness has been shown to help teenagers and children in the following ways:

  • Let go of anxiety and self-doubt
  • Manage family and school life, exam and social media pressures
  • Calm intense emotions including anger, manage mood swings
  • Develop a positive self-image


  • Accompanied session with a parent unless agreed otherwise
  • Assessment of what life aspects your teen/child needs support with
  • Introduction to what mindfulness is and how it can help
  • Empowering the teen/child to choose the tools they most like and would enjoy using
  • Showing them how best to use the tools and how the parent can support their child
  • Relevant handouts and personalised meditation audio link


Child/Teen fee – 60 minute session
in person/Skype


+ Personalised meditation & pdf link
+ Parental Support Strategies

Family sessions by arrangement, please contact me for details


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