Divorce Life Coaching

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Divorce Life Coaching and Mentoring

How Divorce Life Coaching Works?

Tosh has found through her extensive experience working with clients that divorce can easily go terribly wrong and very quickly, especially in the early stages where ‘life’ has effectively imploded.

This time is fertile ground for misinformation and conflict arising out of stress and the ‘unknown’, resulting in the long-term detrimental effects on the future lives of both parties and those they love.

Divorce life coaching with me is all about:

  • feeling more in control and setting goals, to managing expectations and achieving a vision of what the client wants for their future
  • creating a bespoke toolkit of supportive calm, clarity and confidence life strategies and daily practices to take clients through the emotional challenges and difficulties during and beyond their divorce

I do this by

  • building future foundations from the first session to create a clear plan of action
  • helping a client to move forward with less conflict, overwhelm and stress
  • creating a safe and confidential, impartial and non-judgemental, kind environment
  • talking about how they are feeling and how to manage emotions and feelings better, responding rather than reacting to triggers


I provide clients with an ‘emotional toolkit’ to help them make better, balanced decisions rather than ‘emotional’ decisions. This can support them to work with their lawyer and financial professional in a more effective and productive way, which can reduce costs. Emotional decisions can lead to increased conflict, delaying the whole process which can lead to potential conflict and further challenges.

There’s a whole emotional journey that happens for many people, which I can help my clients with. As they get to the end of the coaching journey, they are calmer and more competent, confident, have more clarity and are more resilient. They’re able to handle curveballs that might come in, they can respond rather than react and they are able to take those skills forward with them to help themselves to create a future of possibilities that’s exciting.

These really are skills they can learn and take forward into the rest of their life, so that whenever something happens, they have the strategies and resilience to deal with and handle things calmly and with wisdom, without falling apart.

As part of their coaching journey, we look at what matters to them, what values they hold and how they can build a life around those areas, so that they can begin to look forward to a life that they’re really excited about with many possibilities.

Tosh has been an inspiration and guiding light, who in difficult times through my divorce has pushed me to look at alternative thought patterns and techniques to ease and support how I might approach these issues. I have learnt mindfulness tools and practices, support mechanisms and guidelines which have been transferable to other areas of life, not just my divorce. We all need to look deep within ourselves to discover our authentic self and Tosh has clearly unravelled the code to do this. Endless thanks go out to Tosh for her professional, mindful and practical approach and solid advice through my divorce that has been difficult on many levels.

JG, Stamford

Divorce Clinic

A 90 min session on an area of your divorce to learn how to manage emotions, grow resilience and feel more empowered around what or who is causing you pain, frustration and anger.

Together we will explore options, tools and strategies to help you move forwards.

At the end of the session, you will have a tailored plan of simple, clear and actionable steps to be able to move forward with less conflict, more confidence and self-kindness.

Investment £180 (90min Zoom session & emailed action plan)

3 & 6 month Coaching programme

These packages are for you if you are ready to transform from feeling angry and fearful, to letting go of emotions such as anger, to grow in confidence, reconnect back to who you are (before all this happened) and if you are ready to start your new chapter.

I will help you to:

  • Feel more emotionally in control and balanced by creating a bespoke emotional toolkit for you to manage stress, anxiety and to make wiser, clearer and calmer decisions
  • Grow your confidence so you can ‘project manage‘ all the different aspects of life going through and beyond your divorce. So, you are able to say in the future “I owned my divorce experience” rather than it ‘owning’ you
  • To work effectively with your lawyer and financial professional, reducing costs, time and potential conflict
  • Learn how to manage difficult emotions around your Ex and have as a result a more amicable relationship through and beyond the process
  • Develop a sustainable, good co-parenting relationship that works for both parties (incl. key dates, holidays and events)
  • Create a visionary and empowering personal goal plan for you to continue moving forward
  • Work with money mindset, business and/or work confidence
  • Develop your confidence to date again and find the love that’s right for you
  • The question is are you ready to invest in your future and importantly yourself?

    Both coaching programmes include:

    • Weekly coaching sessions with email summary and action plan for the week
    • Strategies, tools and practices to support the action plan
    • Personal stress management plan
    • Private messaging access (eg Voxer/Telegram/Whatsapp)
    • Private group access and Calm Clarity Confidence Membership (for coaching duration)

    For us to find out more and to meet each other, I offer a 30min Zoom/phone call at my expense to see if we are a good fit to work together.

    Investment:  3 month Coaching – £3,500
    6 months Coaching – £6,000

1-1 Divorce Emotional & Mental Wellbeing Coaching Day

This bespoke coaching day covers areas of the divorce of concern, stress and difficulty. This includes:

  • Managing the new family dynamic and co-parenting
  • Meetings and communicating with the Ex
  • Managing divorce stress, fears and anger
  • Moving on and feeling more confident
  • Developing resilience, peace and calm

Includes: Tools and strategies ~ Implementation programme and accountability ~ Tailored meditation link and course (venue tba)

Price: £500

(includes refreshments and lunch, summary, tools and meditations)

Thank you so much… tough times ahead, but I have a plan and I am going to be a gentleman about the separation.

CB, Surrey