Mindfulness Ninja Toolkit

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This Ninja toolkit is to support the wellbeing of children with mindfulness meditations, activities and fun practices for the whole family. The pack includes 20 activities and practices and 8 meditations.



Learning mindfulness can be very empowering. This Toolkit is designed for you to support your children to learn and have fun with useful and helpful mindfulness exercises to practise at home, at school or anywhere. Mindfulness is a great way for families to work together.

Regular practice when learning any new skill is necessary eg like learning to walk or ride a bike and support from parents or carers and is helpful for children.

The important part is your children are happy, supported and feel able to help themselves with any of the practises which most appeal to them as part of their emotional well-being life toolkit. And for you all to remember there is no right way or wrong way with mindfulness, just a little practice and patience.


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