Client Testimonials

Please read what some of my very kind clients have already said about my services. Perhaps it will give you the confidence to get in touch. 


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“I went to Tosh due to anxiety and negative patterns of behaviour that were preventing me achieve happiness. When I walked in the door Tosh welcomed me with open arms exuding kindness and compassion. I was fortunate enough to have some 1-1 sessions, have completed a mindfulness course with Tosh and have monthly sessions. During this period my life has changed tremendously and whilst I still have peaks and troughs Tosh has given me the tools in my toolkit to tackle whatever life throws at me.

Thank you Tosh for your never-ending warmth and friendship and giving me the skills to transform my life. xx

Caroline, Surrey

“Thank you so much for earlier… tough times ahead, but I have a plan and I am going to be a gentleman about the separation” 



Tosh Brittan you have encouraged me to have trust that the Universe would look after everything and I’ve found so many times recently, when I’ve simply let go of negative energy, that situations resolve themselves. Thank you for that.



Tosh Brittan your positivity is becoming my daily affirmation (I wake to your words and wanted/not… they stick and remind me) to be a better woman. I don’t necessarily act because my logistics or obvious ease not to follow through, but you ARE beginning to impress your good energy inside a once, broken hearted, soul. Keep ‘em coming! I’m starting to stand tall again xxx



Tosh has been an inspiration and guiding light, who in difficult times through my divorce has pushed me to look at alternative thought patterns and techniques to ease and support how I might approach these issues. I have learnt mindfulness tools and practices, support mechanisms and guidelines which have been transferable to other areas of life, not just my divorce. We all need to look deep within ourselves to discover our authentic self and Tosh has clearly unraveled the code to do this. Endless thanks go out to Tosh for her professional, mindful and practical approach and solid advice through my divorce that has been difficult on many levels.




“I have had several one to one coaching mindfulness sessions with Tosh around my work/life balance. She has given me guidance, tools and support for me to realise where I most need to make changes in my life which I have begun to do. These sessions have allowed me to focus calmly, sleep well through the night and feel more in control than I have for a long time.” .



I just wanted to say how very useful the Retreat Day was. An oasis of time to catch up with my thoughts and energy, bringing everything right up to date and to the point. The point being that lovely lunch you prepared. For about a year now that whole area of nutrition has been on my mind and now thanks to those few minutes with your soup at that table. I reached the roots of the ‘problem’!! onwards and upwards. Thank you



I came to Tosh initially for some Mindfulness coaching.  The combination of running my own company and a busy family life was taking its toll.  Tosh helped me to get some perspective and clarity by some simple exercises.  I have since been back to Tosh several times for healing which has really helped with my depleted energy levels.



“I’ve personally used the 1-1 mindfulness sessions offered by Tosh over the last 6 months and really felt the difference with my stress levels being reduced. Working for a global company, spending a lot of time travelling and building up significant levels of stress, I feel the difference from the sessions I have had, resetting my stress levels and feeling re-energised.”



I was feeling very vulnerable when I started the mindfulness group.  In less than 2 years I was diagnosed with 2 different types of cancer and my confidence was on the floor.  I had a constant, underlying anxiety about my future and needed to find a way to calm my mind, heart and body. From the first moment Tosh introduced herself she was a caring, sensitive, responsive and very professional.  Her facilitation of the 8 week Mindfulness course was seamless.  Each week she introduced different elements of mindfulness and provided an abundance of external information. Importantly, she encouraged everyone in the group to share their experience – not only of their cancer but also their day to day, ordinary life experiences which are so easily overlooked yet take on a different perspective when as people, our life is threatened with being shortened. I cannot recommend Tosh highly enough.  The course helped me learn how to manage my anxiety about the cancer coming back and instead, learn how to live in the present and appreciate life as it is.  The experience boosted my confidence and lifted my spirits.  It was a positive, enriching experience that has enhanced my life generally. Thank you, thank you, thank you Tosh!



I want to thank you for a brilliant course…  It was a pleasure to join the class each week.  You made it a safe and lovely place to be. I felt I could have shared anything and not been judged in any way. I also learnt so much, I really appreciate you giving your time and teaching us something that is very special. You are a very lovely lady and I hope one day I can have the inner strength and calmness that you have.



Firstly, I now feel your session with my Son has had an amazing impact. To be honest I didn’t think he was fully engaged in the session at the time. But kids never fail to amaze you and I think he totally took on your words and thoughts in his own time. I don’t recall the last time he mentioned the word anxious or nervous. His need to go to the toilet every 5 mins has dramatically changed. Nothing immediate but slowly. Fantastic. I have recommended you to friends and the Well-being teacher at his school.