Hi, I’m Tosh, a mindfulness & life coach

also Founder of  Divorce Goddess

I coach individuals and organisations to better manage the stress, uncertainty and conflict of modern life.


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 “You will face many defeats in life, never let yourself be defeated” ~ Maya Angelou

Never has ‘home’ been so critical to our life, whether it is the building in which we live or so importantly, our body – which houses our thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

I believe in a kinder, gentler and more compassionate way of living through challenging and difficult times and it begins with our choice, every time we think, we speak and we act.

Life experiences such as near-death and bankruptcy, divorce and depression gave me the kick up the pants to change and live a more authentic, happier and simpler life. Born in the UK, I lived in Europe, the Middle East and having moved many times, I understand change, a lot.

I coach clients privately and in business, who are managing the challenges of modern day working and family life. They may also be going through separation/divorce, bankruptcy, are chronically ill or grieving. Within all of this is their desire and belief that they can, with the right support, live a more gentle, connected, fulfilling life, with more joy.

“Tosh is a remarkable person.  Her calm disposition and wealth of experience means you leave every session with renewed energy and a fresh perspective every time ready to face the world. She has opened my cynical eyes to a world beyond the daily grind where self-care is paramount! Thank you!!”   Nicola, Guildford

Life is not linear, it is full of shocks, challenges and difficulties. You may be exhausted, anxious and feeling like you have no control of your life. But you do, every time you speak, act and think. Changing the way you live with my 1-1 coaching, courses and programmes is saying yes to you, each time you show up for yourself, in these uncertain times, this is self-empowerment. Additionally you are supported with my tried and tested tools, practices and expert knowledge.

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