Hi, I’m Tosh, a mindfulness and life coach

I coach people to manage stress, conflict and uncertainty at home and in the workplace.


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 “You will face many defeats in life, never let yourself be defeated” ~ Maya Angelou

Never has ‘home’ been so critical to our working life with so many juggling relationships, uncertainty and stress of modern pandemic life.

I coach clients privately and in business to manage anxiety, grow resilience and reduce conflict in their working and family lives, this may include divorce, bankruptcy, illness or grief. This is through bespoke live online teaching and downloadable courses for groups or 1-1s, and includes tailored coping strategies, workbooks and audio links for clients and students to manage life, homeworking and workplace stress better

With the right support, simple guidance and easy to integrate practices, it is possible to live a less stressed, more connected and fulfilling life.


Mindfulness Life Coaching

Are you feeling stressed and stuck? Going round in circles, frustrated and overwhelmed.

Not sure where to start?


Mindfulness for Home Working

Over the last year, we’ve all had to adjust to new routines, roles and expectations around work with many of us having to combine this with our homelife


Mindfulness in the Workspace

I support businesses and their employees with mindfulness training to manage the stress, pressure and demands of the uncertainty of modern working life.

Tosh is a remarkable person.  Her calm disposition and wealth of experience means you leave every session with renewed energy and a fresh perspective every time ready to face the world. She has opened my cynical eyes to a world beyond the daily grind where self-care is paramount! Thank you!!”   Nicola, MD

Life is not linear, it is full of shocks, challenges and difficulties. Exhaustion, anxiety and uncertainty can take over your life, impacting life enjoyment, productivity and relationships. Having the tools, coping strategies and support to grow resilience, manage stress and live with more awareness in the workplace and at home is what my courses and programmes are all about. Additionally you are supported with my 15 years of mindfulness practice and teaching experience.

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